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Long Exposures

One of my favorite things to photograph is long exposures of water, preferably the ocean. Fortunately for me we live near the beach so its possible anytime the urge strikes. Today I looked out side and saw amazing clouds both puffy clouds and streaks so we had to run to the beach. This was going to be a long exposure kind of day and no way was I missing out!
Down the the Jersey shore we went, I told my husband lets go find a fishing pier down the shore.  His only question was “Where are you going to find that?” I said “Ocean Grove, lets go!”

I really wanted a shot of a long pier however, that proved more challenging than I hoped. Many of the long piers were destroyed by hurricane Sandy and have not been rebuilt. It was easy to find pylons and broken piers. But the elusive fishing pier had me searching and for some reason it had to be a pier and it had to have a building on it. Oh right not to much to ask for. Anyway after hitting up a few of the shore towns we found this lovely pier in Bradley Beach.

Once we found this I was able to let go and shoot other things like the surfers and a few jetties and so much more. Until I satisfied my initial obsession I could not make myself shoot anything else. Do you ever get that way?

I am Awake

September is ending its time to wake up, insert Green Day joke here, and get moving. It’s been three months now since the accident and I have a routine. It’s a routine that I didn’t imagine having at my age, or any age. I have physical therapy several times a week, began Pilates to regain my strength, and my camera and I are once again becoming friends.

So now that September is ending and I am ready to get out and explore, we took a ride to the beach to see the ocean and watch the waves roll in. It was also a time to take my very first self portrait. I want to document my progress in the recovery. This first one is at a distance, it is representative of where I am vs where I was. I have come a long way in the recovery process but there is still a way to go to normal (whatever normal is).

Infrared Portraits at the Beach

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