This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Iceland with a few of my quirky adventurous friends. We traveled the ring road hunting waterfalls. Along the way we hiked about 25,000 steps a day and laughed most of the way.

Of the many waterfalls we photographed Kirkjufellsfoss was my favorite stop. This small and charming waterfall is located on the Snaefellsness peninsula at Grundarfjordur. The clear water, the amazing mountain in the background and best of all I was able to capture a colorful sky at sunset. That was a small miracle considering it was daylight 24 hours a day and only twice during our two week adventure did we experience a colorful moment like this. For the most part the sky was overcast and moody, which led to different amazing images, but on this particular day in this location the clouds cleared to allow for an amazing sunset.

So here I stood at close to midnight, long after the normal tourist were sleeping, along with five friends waiting and hoping for the moment that would create this image. The banks were slippery and wet and one of our friends camera bags toppled over the edge and slid down the hill right closely followed by him….right into the water. After checking to make sure both were not injured we did what all good friends do, we  started laughing and teased him relentlessly for the rest of the trip.

I am still on the hunt for waterfalls and everyday someone sends me a new one to add to the list.  Where is your favorite waterfall?