Now available -Namibia: A Photographic Expedition

Seven eager international students and two talented instructors, gathered in Wyndhoek, Namibia in May 2013 to embark upon a photographic expedition that will remain in our memory forever. Over the next 14 days we were privileged to capture breathtaking landscapes, delightful native Namibians, and nature’s most beautiful and ferocious beasts.

Our first stop was 
N/a’an ku se Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary, where we were treated to unparalleled close ups of lions, leopards, and cheetahs. However, as we soon learned, N/a’an ku se is much more than a photographer’s paradise. It is dedicated to protect and preserve Namibia’s vulnerable wildlife and improve the lives of the devastated San Bushman community. Soon thereafter an idea took root… wouldn’t it be great if we could share our photographic experience and simultaneously promote a worthy cause? Thus we present this collection for you to enjoy and to benefit Na’an ke se Foundation (, recipient of 100% of the proceeds from sale of this book. We remain indebted to our instructors: Jennifer Wu and James Martin, Na’an ku se Foundation, and the San Bushman tribe for instruction, opportunity, and inspiration.  We especially express gratitude to patrons of our effort. We trust you too will be inspired and take pride in supporting this worthwhile charity.