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November 2012

The Streets of New York

In October, I spent the week before Hurricane Sandy in New York City with a small group of photographers. Our mission was simply to create environmental portraits of the people we found in the city.  This eclectic group was turned loose on the streets of New York, we traveled from Battery Park City to Central Park and everywhere in between.

The You Tube video link below will take you to a sample of my New York City portraits. The images are all copyright Red Filter Photography © 2012. Hope you enjoy it!


How to Read a Histogram

On our photowalks, I find myself explaining how to read a histogram at least once on each walk.  Knowing how to read the histogram will provide you with information you need to make adjustments to obtain the  correct exposure, while your subject is present.

I came across this video today on reading histograms and found it clear and concise.

Now take a look at your histograms from your photo library and practice.
Happy Shooting.

How to Create Long Exposures in Daytime

I am obsessed with the many ways to capture motion. My most recent passion is using black glass to create long exposures in daylight.

The two images below were captured at the Great Falls of Patterson New Jersey.

How is this done? This Scott Kelby Video demonstrates how to create images like the ones above.

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