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September 2012

I am Awake

September is ending its time to wake up, insert Green Day joke here, and get moving. It’s been three months now since the accident and I have a routine. It’s a routine that I didn’t imagine having at my age, or any age. I have physical therapy several times a week, began Pilates to regain my strength, and my camera and I are once again becoming friends.

So now that September is ending and I am ready to get out and explore, we took a ride to the beach to see the ocean and watch the waves roll in. It was also a time to take my very first self portrait. I want to document my progress in the recovery. This first one is at a distance, it is representative of where I am vs where I was. I have come a long way in the recovery process but there is still a way to go to normal (whatever normal is).

Infrared Portraits at the Beach

Infrared Photography Workshop

Shortly after launching this blog I was in a major auto accident and have spent the last two months working my way back to a new normal. I am ready to focus my attention on the future and continuing to push the boundaries of my art.

On November 3rd I will we conducting a workshop on digital infrared in New York’s Central Park. For more details on the workshop check out the info tab above.

During the workshop we will explore what is beyond your vision. This photograph demonstrates infrared’s ability to see what is beyond your sight…This is a photo of a neon green billboard, when taken with an IR modified camera the words behind the neon green paint show clearly what is hidden to the naked eye and the traditional camera.

What is beyond the light

I look forward to meeting you for a day of infrared possibilities.

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